Our Mission

Our mission is to create a platform that is easily accessible and trustworthy for both Doctors and Patients. We believing in constantly evolving and creating different services that will be a right fit for any user based on his requirements. We aim at making Cure Max Online the best at what it does in terms of both the quality of the service provided and the time of delivery of the service. We want to build a platform that is the right combination between viability, desirability and feasibility.

Our Vision

Our vision is to gain recognition from its users as the world’s largest medical second opinion platform and to keep working tirelessly to stay there. We want to ensure that all its users are rightly informed about their potential health issues and that the Doctor team at Cure Max Online helps the users with prevention. We want to make Cure Max Online the one-stop-shop for all health-related clarifications. We aim at connecting patients from all around the world with doctors whenever necessary with a click of the button.

Our values


  • Listen, hear, and give credit
  • Embrace our diverse backgrounds, talents, and perspectives
  • Be compassionate, thoughtful, considerate, and kind


  • Be the best you can be, every time
  • Have moral courage to ask hard questions of ourselves and others
  • Be consistent and fair


  • Commit to working together to ensure the best experience for co-workers, patients, and trainees
  • Share knowledge for the benefit of the team
  • Earn the trust of your teammates


  • Align personal performance with our mission, vision, values, and strategic imperatives
  • Set personal goals and exceed expectations
  • Always be solution-focused


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